How to Choose the Best Stretch Jeans For You

How to Choose the Best Stretch Jeans For You

Denim by nature is not a stretchy fabric. However, through many manufacturing designs stretch is added to styles for a number of reasons. Stretch in denim provides a level of comfort and recovery which will keep your favourite pair of jeans looking and feeling their best season after season. Choosing the right pair of jeans is unique to every person, depending on your body shape and sense of style. What happens when you find the right pair of jeans? You want to wear them again and again with the same perfect fit as the first time you try them on. We know how much wear you can get out of your favourite pair of jeans and that’s why stretch is one of the most important factors in our manufacturing process. Read on to discover how to find the best jeans with stretch for you…


What is stretch in jeans?

The actual stretch in jeans comes from using a synthetic fiber called elastane, commonly known as Spandex or Lycra. While elastane fabrics have been used for decades, it’s not until recent years that mainstream denim brands started incorporating it into their manufacturing process. The main reason behind this was the initial purpose of jeans. Denim was originally the fabric of choice in the 18th Century for labourer’s workwear, such as miners, thanks to its durability. Combined with copper or metal rivets at stress areas, rugged look and element of comfort denim became the go-to for workwear and hard-wearing trousers.

After the second world war denim jeans became a more fashionable item. As trends and lifestyles adapted, so did the manufacturing of jeans. It wasn’t until the late ‘70s when people opted for sexier, form-fitting clothing that stretch was added to denim jeans and thus, it became a key ingredient in one of the most iconic wardrobe staples of all time. Since 1980 Seven7 has been manufacturing denim with and without stretch, finding the right balance of cotton, elastane and polyester for a perfect fit time and time again.


Why is stretch so important in jeans?

In the current climate, there are hundreds of denim styles and brands to choose from. When it comes to finding the best stretch jeans, it’s important to look at more premium denim styles to ensure that your jeans have a longer life span. If your jeans have too much elastane you’ll lose that authentic denim look, too little and they will eventually start to sag and give in all the wrong places.

The main reasons why finding the best balance of stretch in jeans are below;

  • Comfort – 100% cotton denim can feel rigid and a bit stiff, especially after washing. The best stretch jeans will allow you freedom of movement and leave you feeling comfortable the entire time you’re wearing them. Our top tip for testing comfort when wearing jeans? Try a squat or sitting down when first trying them on.
  • Fit – This was one of the main reasons jeans brands started adding elastane into denim. As women and men wanted to wear sexier clothing, jeans adapted to become tighter across the hips, bum and legs. The higher % of elastane or polyester your jeans have, the tighter they will fit.
  • Recovery – When investing in a premium pair of jeans this is the most important element of stretch. Recovery refers to how easily a fabric can go back to its original shape after wearing or washing. The best stretch jeans will have a perfect blend of cotton and elastance fibers in order to guarantee a long-life pair that you can continue to wear for years.

Seven7 work with one of the leading denim producers in the industry and have tried and tested multiple fabric blends to find the ideal balance for your jeans. While each style differs in its composition, they all feature a fantastic four-way stretch which enables every pair of jeans to recover quickly and effortlessly to their original shape. In addition to a great recovery that boosts the longevity and quality of your jeans, our denim stretches 360-degrees meaning the ultimate comfortable fit every time.


How much stretch should your jeans have?

The amount of stretch a pair of jeans have will most likely depend on their style and shape. For example, skinny and super skinny jeans will have the highest amount of stretch in them due to their need to sculpt and fit your silhouette perfectly. Mid-rise skinny jeans will also require an amount of stretch to fit comfortably around your waist and hips as well as down the legs. By contrast, tapered, mom or straight leg jeans require less stretch in the leg due to their more relaxed fit. These higher-waist styles generally do have some stretch in them, particularly at the top, in order to slide over your largest part to your narrower waist.

The entire collection at Seven7 has been designed to fit perfectly for their individual intended purposes. Our skinny flares are made with a looser leg fit in mind but with enough stretch and recovery for that figure-skimming look at the hips, accentuating curves and elongating the legs. Similarly, our mom jeans feature only 6% polyester to give the classic denim look with enough stretch and recovery for the perfect fit across your hips. When you choose to buy a pair of Seven7 jeans, you know that you are getting a tried and tested, on real women and men, product that is durable, comfortable and has enough recovery for you to continue wearing day after day.


How to pick your perfect shape of jeans?

Knowing what flatters your figure is at the core of finding the perfect pair of jeans for your everyday wardrobe. While you may opt for a skinny jean or flare when you’re dressing up on a night out, there will be a core style that you keep going back to. Here’s our guide to the key selling points of each style so you know which to try for your figure first;

  • The Skinny Jean – Figure-hugging with maximum stretch for a snug fit from the waist all the way down to the ankle. Perfect for showing off slimmer legs or teaming with baggier tops to balance proportions. Our mid-rise skinny jean contours the tummy and hips making it ideal for tucking in tops or wearing with bodies.
  • The Bootcut Jean – A mid-rise fitted jean with a slight kick-out flare from the calf down. Our bootcut jeans have a good amount of stretch to allow them to fit and flatter across the bum and hips. These are ideal for curvier women as they add shape to the bottom part of your body too.
  • The Straight Leg Jean – Featuring less elastane than other styles, the Seven7 mid-rise straight leg jean is to be worn in a more relaxed fit. The fabric has enough give, allowing you to pull them up to above the waist but will have a more authentic denim feel as it skims down the legs.
  • The Mom Jean – The highest rise jean in our core collection, our Mom jeans feature enough stretch to allow them to be pulled all the way up and recover quickly to give a nice fit across the bum area. The leg is loose but goes into a slight taper at the ankle and can give straighter figures extra curves in all the right places.

Whichever style you choose for your next favourite pair of jeans, you can rest assured that Seven7 offers premium quality, excellent stretch in all the right places and an incredible fit that has been tried, tested and modified to perfection since 1980. Start shopping today on our website.

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