Why We Love Straight Leg Jeans (and how to wear them)

Why We Love Straight Leg Jeans (and how to wear them)

Seasons change, trends come and go but there are some wardrobe staples that never go out of fashion. The sophisticated black blazer, a simple white tee and, of course, your everyday pair of jeans. During the ‘90s and early ‘00s skinny jeans took the world by storm, becoming some of the fastest and biggest selling styles worldwide. In more recent years, straight-leg jeans have been making a comeback as one of the most stylish, comfortable and easy-to-wear denim styles on the market. Here’s why we’re loving them and you will too…


Figure Flattering Denim

Straight leg jeans are one of the few styles of denim that suit all body shapes. They are designed to sculpt the waist, hips and bum but skim past the thighs all the way down to the ankle. They tend to sit high on the hips and are also available in a high-waisted style which flattens the tummy and provides extra support. This style element also makes them perfect for tucking in tops without feeling too revealing. The looser leg is forgiving on the hips making it the perfect style for women with hourglass or pear-shaped figures.

Straight leg jeans also are a great style for elongating your figure and creating the illusion of longer, leaner legs. Thanks to their high-rise and more sculpted fit on the bum compared with mom jeans, they streamline silhouettes rather than trying to create or exaggerate curves. As a less figure-hugging style than skinny jeans, straight leg styles offer a more tapered look and can be styled in so many ways that work to complement your figure rather than overtly show off every inch.

A lot of straight leg jeans tend to sit higher on the ankle which is equally flattering, especially when teamed with a higher waist. This way the jeans cut you off at your narrowest part of your mid-section, as well as the skinniest part of your legs. These two factors mean they are extra flattering and draw attention to the smallest parts of your body.

A Style for Every Silhouette

Straight leg jeans are available in so many different styles, including the boyfriend, girlfriend, cropped and kick flare. These are some of the most popular shapes of straight leg jeans and can be tailored to almost every body shape.

A boyfriend style will sit lower on the hips and have a much more relaxed fit all the way down. They’re a great option for laid-back weekends, dressing down and for women who want a more casual look when styling jeans. The looser fit is also very flattering on more top-heavy figures as the bulkier style will balance out your proportions.

By contrast, a girlfriend jean is slightly more tapered and fitted at the leg. This is the perfect style of straight leg jeans for those who want a fitted, slim jean and look just as great with heels as they do with trainers. It’s a more feminine style and probably the most common type of straight leg jean available from most denim brands today. A good pair of girlfriend jeans are a classic that everyone should have in their wardrobe.

In addition to these two key styles, kick flare and floor length straight leg jeans have also taken the world by storm. Reminiscent of ‘90s fashion, these are more playful styles that have all the benefits of palazzo or cropped jeans in a new modern take on the trends.


On-Trend Jeans

As fashion becomes more fluid across age groups, the straight leg jean proves that it’s for everyone rather than one demographic. One of the biggest contributing factors to this is the element of comfort that skinny or mom jeans just can’t give. For women with curves, boobs or a bum, a straight leg jean seems the obvious choice as the looser leg balances our proportions and can create an illusion of leaner, longer legs.

The straight leg jean has also risen in popularity thanks to people preferring more comfortable clothing in a post-pandemic world. The looser fit lends itself to baggier sweatshirts, chunkier footwear and cosy socks which are all trending for 2022 and beyond. With more people heading out and making social arrangements post restrictions, this style of jeans is an easy way to transition from day to night in a flash with a change of shoes and addition of something simple like a blazer. The straight leg jean is effortlessly cool and simply to style.


Versatile to Style

When it comes to straight leg jeans, it’s really all about the ankle length and style. If you go for a shorter hem, you can wear trainers or boots while longer leg lengths can be paired with sandals, heels or trainers too. Being high-waisted also makes straight leg jeans versatile as they can be worn with tops tucked in to show off your figure or simply loose for a more relaxed, LA-look. This makes the styling opportunities endless which is why they are an obvious choice for all women, regardless of personal fashion style.

Straight leg styles are available with a number of hem details including raw edge, cuffed, fringed and asymmetric hems. This variety of trends allows you to wear your favourite pair of jeans for any occasion and switch up your style easily too. Try asymmetric hems with trainers for a chilled weekend look or fringe and raw-edge hems with heels or sandals in the summer.

However you choose to wear them, straight leg jeans are definitely a wardrobe staple for every woman’s wardrobe. Find your favourite pair today and start shopping the collection on our website.

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